Bravilor Bonamat Sego 12 Bean-To-Cup Automatic Espresso Machine

Sale price$5,499.99

The Sego 12 is a fully automatic espresso machine. The Sego can be placed literally anywhere, thanks to the small format, clear and easy user interface.

Bravilor Bonamat has carefully selected, assembled and pre-programmed the most popular speciality coffees for you. So your machine will quickly be up and running.

The quality of your cup of coffee is important. That’s why essential components requiring maintenance were carefully and cleverly designed in-house. Bravilor Bonamat ensures that cleaning activities are kept to a minimum and performed automatically as much as possible.

More Info
  • Three canisters: One for coffee beans and two for instant ingredients, such as topping or cocoa.
  • Simple operation thanks to the intuitive touchscreen.
  • The menu offers up to 30 choices of beverage.
  • Settings, such as water temperature, contact time, coffee grinding and cup size, can be adapted to your wishes.
  • The Sego is well suited for offices, waiting rooms and shops.
  • The energy-saving mode recudes your energy consumption when the machine is not in use.
Model Number
Milk Option Automatic Milk Topping


Water Connection Plummable , 3/4" male, filtered water (recommended)
Hot water tank volume .81 gallons / 3.1 L
Cup Clearance 4.17" / 106mm
Cup Sizes Three cup sizes, from 6 oz to 10 oz.
Average dispense time 25 sec / shot
Beverage Varieties Up to 30 beverage options including coffee crema, espresso, double espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, moccachino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate, hot chocolate deluxe, hot water, hot milk shot / steamer
User Interface
Touch screen with custom screensavers, backgrounds & beverage images
Soluble Canisters 2 canisters x 1.5 - 1 lbs
Bean Hopper Capacity 1 hopper 3 lb / 1.3 L capacity
Coffee Grounds Container Capacity N/A
Double Cup No
Milk Double Cup No
Dimensions (WDH)
23.23" H x 12.40" W x 17.72" D
Power / Voltage 120 V / 15 amps / 1440 W
Country of Origin Holland