DF64V Variable Speed Single Dose Coffee Grinder with DLC Burrs, Grey #DF-64V-DLC-GRY

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The DF64V Variable Speed Single Dose Grinder is a brilliant innovation from the makers of the DF64 grinder. This new model is engineered with 64mm burrs coupled with a variable speed brushless DC motor, ensuring consistency, minimal clumping, and a fluffy grind texture. The presence of DLC (Diamond-Like-Coating) on the burrs not only amplifies the grinder's performance but also promises longevity, withstanding up to 10 times longer usage compared to standard steel burrs.

One of the standout features of the DF64V is its versatile grinding range, accommodating anything from fine espresso grinds to coarser textures for pour-over coffee. This level of versatility is further enhanced by the grinder's stepless micrometric adjustments, granting you unlimited control to find the perfect grind size for any brewing method.

The design of the DF64V emphasizes both functionality and aesthetics. The removable chute, metal dosing cup, and real wood accents add a touch of elegance while ensuring ease of use and maintenance. Its compact size and extremely low retention (ELR) make it a practical choice for any coffee enthusiast, allowing for precise dosing with negligible coffee wastage.

Ease of cleaning is another merit of the DF64V. The stepless adjustment collar can be easily unscrewed to access and clean the burrs, while the magnetic chute is also easily removable for thorough cleaning.

This grinder does not come with a traditional hopper. Instead, it embraces a single dosing design where only the exact amount of beans needed are used, ensuring every cup of coffee is made from fresh, un-stale beans. The blowing hopper design contributes to this freshness, eliminating any remaining grounds from the previous grind.

Lastly, the DF64V has an updated power board, reflecting the continuous effort to improve and optimize the grinder's performance. Whether you are a seasoned barista or a casual coffee lover, the DF64V Variable Speed Single Dose Grinder is an investment that will elevate your coffee brewing experience.

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Note: The use of oily beans in this grinder can cause the grinder to clog over time. We recommend using beans that are less oily. If you use oily beans the grinder will need to be cleaned more often to avoid clogging.

Variable Speed. Brushless 300W DC motor with variable speed control from 600-1800RPM. Stalling or clogging may occur if using low RPM for fine grinds.

Single dosing. No hopper design combined with the blowing hopper means no stale coffee; only put in the exact amount of beans needed.

64mm DLC flat burrs. Comes standard with 64mm DLC (Diamond-like-coating) flat burrs that will last 10x longer than standard steel burrs (~3000kg).  

Extremely low retention (ELR). The DF64V has been designed to minimizes retention.

Stepless Micrometric Adjustments: Unlimited adjustments with the stepless adjustment collar.

Easy to clean. Simply unscrew the collar all the way to access and clean the burrs.  The DF64V also features a magnetic chute that can easily be removed for cleaning.

Premium look. The painted aluminum body combined with the real wood accents give the DF64V a premium and durable look.
Recommended Use Espresso - Drip
Included in the Box Metal dosing cup, Magnetic Removable chute, Wood lid and dosing cup holder
Model Number #DF-64V-DLC-GRY
Burr Type
Burr Size 64mm
Burr material
DLC coated Stainless Steel
Stepless Micrometric
Hopper Capacity
User Interface Variable RPM
Cleaning Routine Grindz
Certifications N/A
Auto Off Yes, 45 seconds
Dimensions 3.9” x 7.9” x 13” (WDH)
Power / Voltage 110V
Country of Origin China

 Limited 1 year warranty through ECS Coffee.

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