Ethica Guatemala Finca El Tempixque Washed, 250g

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Look who's back! Lovely balanced filter coffee pleases with its explosive chocolate sweetness and smooth aftertaste. In the cup, we taste notes of red apple and a touch of sugary citrus in the finish: an easy-drinking and enjoyable roast for every day. 

Roasted for espresso or filter. 

This is whole bean coffee, need your coffee ground? Check out out grind selection chart to choose your perfect grind for your brewing needs.


Roast level: Medium roast 

Tasting notes: Citrus, chocolate, apple

Origin: Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Variety: Finca El Tempixque 

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1450-1550MASL

More Info

The Falla family started growing coffee in the Antigua valley in Guatemala in 1890. The name of the El Tempixque Farm comes from a tree that grows right in front of the farm's gate. Estuardo Falla, the fourth generation of the Falla Family, is leading the family's efforts in coffee since 1992. Estuardo continues the development of El Tempixque focusing on growing mainly bourbon and caturra, with the idea of maintaining the renowned Genuine Antigua cup profile. He's also concentrating on building a team of professionals that ensure the farm will consistently grow in production while always seeking to improve quality.


100% whole bean coffee.