Firebat Colombia Sugarcane Decaf Whole Bean, 12oz

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Our Decaf comes from a single farm nested in Huila-Colombia, Finca la Florida owned by Gilberto Rojas. Gilberto and his family are known for their immaculate growing and processing methods that secured them a 2nd place in 2015 Cup of Excellence competition. Since then, every year they produce very fine coffees.

Sugar cane (Ethyl Acetate) is one of the most natural processes that preserves the great original flavour of the coffee beans. Ethyl Acetate is derived from sugar cane, it is a natural derivative that arises from fermenting sugar, and in the decaffeination process, it bonds molecularly to coffee compounds and separates the caffeine from the coffee bean.

Roasted for any brew method. 

This is whole bean coffee, need your coffee ground? Check out out grind selection chart to choose your perfect grind for your brewing needs.


Roast level: Medium roast

Tasting notes: Sugar cane, nutty, juicy

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Red & Yellow Colombia

Process: Sugar Cane (EA), Washed

Elevation: 1,600MASL

More Info

The Bean. This coffee is red and yellow Colombia varietal, grown at 1,650 MASL with a fermentation time of 36-42 hrs subsequently washed, and finally sun-dried for 28 days.
Flavours are juicy, round and pleasant, notes of sugar cane, black tea and roasted nuts are a delicacy. This is a coffee that blurs the line of the expectation that a decaf has less flavour than a caffeinated coffee.

The Roast. We take the gently decaffeinated beans and transform them into a delightfully flavourful decaf. A Decaf that doesn’t disappoint is often hard to find. This organic decaf is formidably tasty and expertly roasted by hands in small batches. The flavour is predominantly notes of sugar cane with a nutty aftertaste and no acidity.

Brew Method(s) for Decaf. Our Decaf is enjoyable with any of your preferred brew methods, great for filter or espresso.


100% whole bean decaf coffee.