Firebat Espresso Whole Bean, 12oz

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Our Espresso Roast is one of the most versatile coffees in our line. Indulge in our Espresso to elevate your daily espresso experience. This roast is made with the home barista in mind, it provides a smooth and consistent shot that is mellow, sweet. We’ve refined this roast to have little acidity and no bitterness. 

Roasted for any espresso. 

This is whole bean coffee, need your coffee ground? Check out out grind selection chart to choose your perfect grind for your brewing needs.


Roast level: Medium-dark roast

Tasting notes: Caramel, chocolate, bold

Origin: Alotepec mountain range, Metapan, El Salvador

Variety: Bourbon

Elevation: 1,600MASL


100% whole bean coffee.