Flair Classic Manual Espresso Maker

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The Flair Classic is the original manual espresso maker that turned the craft coffee industry on its head in 2016. The completely manual, lever espresso press is capable of brewing between 6-9 BAR pressure, exactly what is needed to brew cafe-quality espresso from wherever you are.

The unique design of the Flair makes it the best way to craft, by hand, a rich, full-bodied, café-quality espresso at home. It's also portable, durable, easy to maintain, and a lot of fun to use. Comes complete in a custom carrying case making it easy to take it anywhere you go or to pack up after use. Includes a bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter for spouted or naked brewing.

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Handcrafted Espresso. With the Flair Classic Espresso Maker, you have a complete manual espresso machine that can produce professional quality shots of espresso from your home, or wherever you are. Add 60ml of boiled water and a dose of up to 18g of ground coffee to yield a 40ml shot with beautiful crema. A burr grinder is essential for use with this product.

Fully Manual & Completely Beautiful. The Flair Classic is a 100% human-powered, direct lever espresso press. There are no plugs or electronics, meaning the Flair will look beautiful in any coffee station or kitchen.

Advanced Espresso Brewing. The Flair Classic comes with a bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter, meaning you can brew bottomless or spouted. Add the FLAIR Pressure Gauge Kit to ensure perfect, repeatable extractions.

Easy to Clean. The Flair Espresso Maker is the only manual espresso maker with a completely detachable brewing head. This patented design allows for users to completely remove the brewing head, separate the parts, and rinse under cool water.

Built to Last. The Flair Classic is made from durable materials like cast aluminum and stainless steel, you can be sure your manual espresso maker, by Flair, is built to last. Both the aluminum press stand and the stainless steel brewing head are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Fully Portable. All Flair Classic Espresso Makers come standard with our precision cut and padded carrying case meaning you can take your manual espresso maker anywhere you'd like.

Each Classic comes with everything you need to brew cafe-quality espresso, anytime, anywhere, including 2-in-1 dose cup and tamper as well as a carrying case.

Included in the Box Lever assembly and base, bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter, stainless steel dispersion screen, brewing cylinder, polyacetal piston, dosing cup / tamper, funnel, drip tray, carrying case, screw for affixing post to base permanently, brewing guide
Model Number Classic
Brew Head Standard
Portafilter Diameter 40mm (1.6")
Reservoir Capacity 60ml (2 oz)
Dose 12 - 18 grams
Yield 40ml (1.35oz)
Material Polycarbonate
Dimensions 14" x 10" x 4"
Weight 2.27kg (5lb)
Country of Origin China

1 year limited warranty through Flair.