Flair Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Black

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Brew like a PRO with espresso anywhere! The Flair PRO 2 is the highest level of manual espresso that maintains a portable package.

Raising the bar on manual espresso makers, the Flair PRO 2 maintains all the performance of the original Flair PRO, featuring four upgrades including a removable spout, an enhanced bottomless portafilter, a gauge guard for increased durability and a silicone grip for better brewing ergonomics. These upgrades come standard on all PRO 2 Espresso Makers and build upon the best in class features of the original PRO, like an integrated pressure gauge for enhanced pressure profiling, expand capacity for brew ratios, and an enhanced stainless steel experience featuring an all stainless steel brewing head and a two-piece drip tray. The PRO 2 still features a copper-plated portafilter base and is available in black or white.

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Your favourite manual espresso maker, upgraded. The Flair Pro 2 features 4 key upgrades from the original Pro, including an improved bottomless portafilter, a removable stainless steel spout, a silicone handle grip for brewing ergonomics and a silicone protective wrap to improve gauge durability.

Portable Package. The Flair Pro 2 comes with a portable carrying case, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Integrated pressure gauge. For enhanced pressure profiling. 

Stainless Steel parts. This brewer features an all stainless steel brewing head as well as a flashy two-piece drip tray.

Stainless Steel Portafilter. Brew naked or spouted.

Included in the Box Base, post & lever with copper portafilter base, stainless steel portafilter with screen, stainless steel brew cylinder with plunger, stainless steel removable spout, preheat and tamping camp, stem with pressure gauge, dosing cup, funnel, two-piece stainless steel drip tray and branded polishing pouch, stainless steel tamper, carrying case, screw for affixing post to base permanently, brewing guide
Model Number Pro 2
Brew Head Pro 2 Brew Head
Portafilter Diameter
Reservoir Capacity 70ml
Dose 16 - 24 grams
Yield Up to 56ml
Material Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel
Dimensions 12.5" L x 6.25" W x 10" H
Weight 3.18kg (7lb)
Country of Origin China

1 year limited warranty through Flair.