Reunion Coffee Roasters Organic Kenya Heirloom Whole Bean Coffee 2 lb

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East Africa is home to many special coffees, offering unique varietals from every region. In this bag, we highlight just one of these regions with a rotating selection of organically grown, Rainforest Alliance Certified beans. Always balanced and fruity, the specific cup profile changes with each different lot we buy. This washed coffee, from Kenya’s Kirinyaga region, is grown by the farmers of the Mutira Cooperative.

This is whole bean coffee, need your coffee ground? Check out out grind selection chart to choose your perfect grind for your brewing needs.


Organic & Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee

Roast level: Light roast

Tasting notes: Balanced, fruity 

Blend Origin: Organic Kenyan

  • Process: Washed
  • Varietals: Kirinyaga - Mutira Cooperative
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    Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance seal promotes collective action for people and nature. It amplifies and reinforces the beneficial impacts of responsible choices, from farms and forests all the way to the supermarket check-out. Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations.


    100% Organic Arabica whole bean coffee